The CT Bernard universal iOS application is available for the iPhone ®, iPad ® and iPod ®.  Also available for Apple macOS computers.

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A smart game ... with the most gorgeous words of the French language

A word game very easy to play.  No keyboard needed, just use your fingers and your brain.  Does not require registration online or otherwise to play.  A game that allows you to discover easily and jovial fabulous words of the French language.  But a subtle game for the most learned and lovers of the French language who will also find a challenge to their measure.  In fact, a word game dedicated to the French language that is within everyone's reach.

Play alone ... or with family and friends

Playing alone in a subtly colorful environment with immersive ambient music will allow anyone to learn new French words in a pleasant way ... there are so many words to discover.  Playing together is also an ideal and inclusive game mode for family gatherings, which will amaze many.  Alone or in a group, this is the ideal game for Francophone students, or for anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of French.

To continue the knowledge of French by the Web

All the words of the game CT Bernard are accessible on many websites dedicated to the French language, in an automated way., to know other definitions of a word, and even to quickly discover their synonyms on specialized websites.

The CT Bernard ES universal iOS application is a special edition dedicated to high school students in Quebec, and is available for Apple’s iPhone ® and iPad ®.